Thursday, August 6, 2009

Find An Alternative Route

You've heard all the ways to save gas... Everyone with a money saving or environmental blog has probably posted them Even I posted them Once (Click Here to Read Them) Though on that post I forgot to mention proper tire inflation but hey we are all not perfect.

Well now I'm going to add one to the list. Make sure you have at least One Alternative route to places you go frequently. Trust me on this one... Today as I was driving down the Meadow Brook Parkway to take the kids to summer camp I noticed that the other side was crawling at about 5 mph. I remember when Summer Camp started my Hubby mentioned another way to get home so I decided to take it.

There were plenty of traffic lights and the speed limit was only 35mph but it was definitely a faster way to go. I also avoided the head ache of the Dumb A**s driver who jam their car into any little space to get one car ahead. Since we've moved into a more populated area the ratio of DA Drivers has increased as well. Half the time they are the cause of the traffic becoming worse then it should be as they hit the on ramps, shoulders or stuff their car into a space making the guy they're cutting off have to stomp on his breaks to keep from hitting him. So being able to avoid such traffic jams saved me time, money and my good mood.

Use Google Maps to help you find your Alternatives without wasting Gas. I love how you can grab hold to the path and move it around.


Barry said...

Now that's a great idea, both practical and useful.

Sure to cut down of road rage too.

April said...

Most Definately Barry and it helps ease some of the congestion too :D