Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Let Mother Nature do the Heavy Work

We went to Home Depot or Lowes garden centers to find out the best way to get some grass growing in our yard we got tons of sand here. What we found out is because this and we would have to buy tons of topsoil in Sod to get grass to grow here. Since this is where we are going to be staying we decided to take the long view. 

Here outside my garage where the leaves have been piling up for who knows how long there is some nice rich soil underneath. How do i know its good soil it is loaded with earth worms.

 We have tons of trees here the leaves are everywhere so instead of bagging them up and having them hauled away we are moving them into the rest of the yard where the sand is taking over. 

So now when I mow the yard to keep the weeds in check  I also mulch up the leaves which will eventually turn into nice rich soil. The cost nothing but some nice hard work that I was going to do anyway.