Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crazy Green Contest Results

My contest is over. I was going to post the top five and let you vote but I only had one entry. Thank you Zoya for participating. I will post her prize when she lets me know which she wants. Here is her entry:

Zoya said...
Hey, i like this story is: I'm using the last rinsing water (clothes) to mop the floor. the water price is very expensive here.

Wonderful reuse of water. If you have a good laundry soap you can also use the wash water. It won't hurt your plants. Make sure it doesn't have bleach or other chemicals that would hurt your plants. One of the "Free" varieties will work just fine.

Garden Containers

I've been searching around for garden containers to put my garden in. I was hoping to get some on clearance but haven't had much luck.The garden containers I want have to be big enough that the plants can grow in them but small enough not to take up too much room. I have found a couple in boxes here at home that will work for some of it. I have a couple of hanging baskets that will work for cherry tomatoes or there plants that are small or will hang and a medium size pot that will work for some peppers or other compact plant. I'll make my final selection when I finish gathering all the garden containers that I want to use. If I find one or two large enough I might try planting several groups of different vegetables together that go in the same recipe (like salsa or a salad). I might even try my hand at making a youtube video. Wouldn't that be fun?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tomorrows The Day

No I'm not talking about the end of my contest (but it's that too so hurry up and enter) It's the most terrible offal horrible day of the year for the environment.

That's Right BLACK FRIDAY!

The day when consummers lose their minds go out at the most obsene times (one store is opening at 4 A.M. how nuts is that) to buy crappy merchandise that they don't need becasue it's ON SALE!

Yes I've done it to but not anymore. I have started participating in the International

What is Buy Nothing Day? If you visit their website You will find this answer
What is Buy Nothing Day all about?Buy Nothing Day (November 29th 2008 UK), is a simple idea, which challenges consumer culture by asking us to switch off from shopping for a day. Its a global stand off from consumerism - celebrated as a holiday by some and street party for others! Anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending!
In the UK it is on the 29th but here in the USA it it NOVEMBER 28TH 2008! If you want some ideas on how to celebrate Buy Nothing Day check out the ADBUSTERS website. My favorite suggestion is the Zombie Walk.
Zombie Walk
The cheerful dead wander around malls, marveling at the blank, comatose expressions on the faces of shoppers. The zombies are happy to be among their own kind, but slightly contemptuous of those who have not yet begun to rot.
Hummm I think I saw that one in a movie once LOL.
Something else you can do is plan out some homemade gifts for your family and friends to enjoy. Presents always mean more when they come from the heart.
The US and UK are not the only places that celebrate Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day around the world

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting Started

I moved to New York in July. My new home has a very small backyard barely enough room for the kids and Cricket the dog to run around. Once my hubby puts the playground together there will be even less room. Since we are renting there is only so much I can do to the backyard and I want to have fresh veggies for my family. Since I have no room I'm going to give a vegetable container garden a try.

Why am I starting now when winter is just around the corner?

Well now is probable the best time to get outdoor containers cheap. At least I hope! Tomorrow when I'm out shopping I will take a look around to see what is available. I'm also going to hit the library to do some research on vegetable container garden s. I love the library!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Welcome to my very first CRAZY GREEN CONTEST. (yeah I will probably have others LOL)

How to Enter the crazy green contest: Go to comment and post your CRAZY story. Either about the craziest thing you have ever done to save money or the environment or both. The Day after Thanksgiving I will pick the 5 storys that I think are the CRAZIEST! Then let you vote on the top three! First prize winner of the crazy green contest will get first choice, second gets second choice and third gets the prize that is left.

NOW about the prizes.
Because I think we have made Christmas way to commercial I always make my presents. Cookies and crafts from the heart make better presents then some gift card or expensive knick knack that will probable go into storage. This prize should help spread Christmas cheer without breaking the bank

Ok, this next prize I think is the funniest book I've seen in a while. Hate JUNK mail this prize will have you looking forward to it. NOT only is it a fun new way to recycle Junk mail but it can keep the kids busy while you get those Christmas Cookies made.

The last prize may have you scratching your head on how they fit into a blog on saving money and the environment but I got them on clearance (saving money) and no I won't tell you how much. They are a very nice set of heart shaped hanging votive candle holder. I know these pictures aren't the best but I had to use my phone camera because in the move we seem to have lost the cord to connect our camera to the computer.

Have fun telling your story and don't forget to check back to see the other fun stories have been entered in the crazy green contest. Then come back after Thanksgiving to vote for the winners.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Free Coloing Pages...Everyone like FREE

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