Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tomorrows The Day

No I'm not talking about the end of my contest (but it's that too so hurry up and enter) It's the most terrible offal horrible day of the year for the environment.

That's Right BLACK FRIDAY!

The day when consummers lose their minds go out at the most obsene times (one store is opening at 4 A.M. how nuts is that) to buy crappy merchandise that they don't need becasue it's ON SALE!

Yes I've done it to but not anymore. I have started participating in the International

What is Buy Nothing Day? If you visit their website You will find this answer
What is Buy Nothing Day all about?Buy Nothing Day (November 29th 2008 UK), is a simple idea, which challenges consumer culture by asking us to switch off from shopping for a day. Its a global stand off from consumerism - celebrated as a holiday by some and street party for others! Anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending!
In the UK it is on the 29th but here in the USA it it NOVEMBER 28TH 2008! If you want some ideas on how to celebrate Buy Nothing Day check out the ADBUSTERS website. My favorite suggestion is the Zombie Walk.
Zombie Walk
The cheerful dead wander around malls, marveling at the blank, comatose expressions on the faces of shoppers. The zombies are happy to be among their own kind, but slightly contemptuous of those who have not yet begun to rot.
Hummm I think I saw that one in a movie once LOL.
Something else you can do is plan out some homemade gifts for your family and friends to enjoy. Presents always mean more when they come from the heart.
The US and UK are not the only places that celebrate Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day around the world

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