Saturday, November 29, 2008

Garden Containers

I've been searching around for garden containers to put my garden in. I was hoping to get some on clearance but haven't had much luck.The garden containers I want have to be big enough that the plants can grow in them but small enough not to take up too much room. I have found a couple in boxes here at home that will work for some of it. I have a couple of hanging baskets that will work for cherry tomatoes or there plants that are small or will hang and a medium size pot that will work for some peppers or other compact plant. I'll make my final selection when I finish gathering all the garden containers that I want to use. If I find one or two large enough I might try planting several groups of different vegetables together that go in the same recipe (like salsa or a salad). I might even try my hand at making a youtube video. Wouldn't that be fun?


BevB said...

Do your fruit & veg shops get their broccoli (or other veggies) delivered in polystyrene boxes? Here they usually give them to those that ask. See some in use at this site -

Have a great weekend,

April said...

Thanks Bev :D