Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crazy Green Contest Results

My contest is over. I was going to post the top five and let you vote but I only had one entry. Thank you Zoya for participating. I will post her prize when she lets me know which she wants. Here is her entry:

Zoya said...
Hey, i like this story is: I'm using the last rinsing water (clothes) to mop the floor. the water price is very expensive here.

Wonderful reuse of water. If you have a good laundry soap you can also use the wash water. It won't hurt your plants. Make sure it doesn't have bleach or other chemicals that would hurt your plants. One of the "Free" varieties will work just fine.


Frugal Mom said...

hey thanks for coming by my blog. I added White Christmas to the list. I thought I was writing my top ten but when i changed the title, i could have easily added white christmas, so i did! :)

Frugal Mom said...

i will write my paragraph soon on being frugal! can you tell me how your ads are showing after your posts? i did what it told me but it still isnt showing my ads after posts. thanks!great blog!