Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sorry its been awhile

My first Summer here in Florida did not go well.  The heat and humidity was so oppressive that I just didn't have the energy for anything.  Even when I took the dogs out first thing in the morning (even before the sun rose) the heat and humidity was miserable even the dogs didn't want to play and only half halfheartedly chased after the squirrels invading our yard.

My garden didn't do so well either the bugs got the squash and the watermelon. I didn't want to spray bug killer because of the toads I had living there  I was hoping they would get the bugs before the bugs did too much damage but no luck.

 I had lots of flowers on my tomatoes and peppers but no visits from the bees.  My sweet potatoes are the only thing that seem to be thriving  I cant wait to dig them up to see what I get.

Now I am working as a substitute teacher which is a lot of fun but not exactly steady work and I am debating on taking an evening job to keep the cash rolling in.

Even the arrival of my favorite squash in the market didn't lift my funk ... yes even my fall favorite the pumpkin failed to cheer me up.

Fortunately the last two days have been wonderfully cool ... I was even able to leave my windows open all day yesterday.... It was fabulous...  If the weather was like that more often I could understand why people would want to retire here.  You can hang out in an air conditioned building anywhere but here it feels like you are trapped.  I didn't even take my daily walks and I could actually feel myself become more lethargic.

However now that my Hubby has retired from the Military, we are here to stay!  That being said it is time for me to shake off the funk and start looking for things I like about my new home.  This will be my last complaint about Florida.  I will find things I enjoy about living here if it Kills me lol!