Thursday, May 8, 2014

Now for the rest of the yard

The garden is going great.
Now what to do with the rest of the yard?

 The yard is a big sandy mess that I'm not sure what we are going to do with.  I would like some grass and a dog run to keep the "mess" in one area for easy clean up.  I was thinking of setting up a volley ball net in the the middle and keep the sand in that area to give the kids something to do outside.  We still have our cheap Toys R Us pool to set up and see if it survived being taking apart and moved.

And one of the problems with buying a house online if you never get the chance ask the previous owners about things you find around the house. For example what the heck are all these water pipes for and why don't they work? We found a timer for don't know if it's actually connected to them.  The water pipes actually worked once.
  The hubby has started digging up around them to try and figure them out but I think thats gonna take a while since we only have 2 days a week off and they're not the same days.   The one day we all have off at the same time we try to spend doing family stuff.  There always seems to be other things to do on the other days off but I guess if this is where we're going to retire here we're going to have to get it done.

Where is yard crashers when you need them lol