Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Weekend With Out Cable

Well I made it through the week with out the TV.  I went to bed early a couple nights, did some extra house cleaning, and kind of wandered around wondering what to do with myself.  Hopefully this will pass as the TV addiction passes out of my system.

I know there are plenty of things to do.  I have shelves of books, hobby stuff I've bought and haven't used yet, videos on learning Sign language that I've wanted to learn, Even stuff to help me learn how to create my own website ( a future dream of mine).

I think the habit of sitting down to watch TV in the evenings has become an ingrained habit that keeps me from focusing on other things which is a shame because there is so much more worth wile things to do with my time.  Well hopefully time will help that too.

I think I'll make up a list of small things to do to help me get started.  Little things that don't take up much time so they won't feel overwhelming but will keep my focus off the TV.  I've always been a list person ...Give me a list and it will get done... Ask me to do things and I will forget to do half of it LOL.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Morning With No Cable

Well the first morning with no cable has come and gone and this is how it went.
Sam: Mom there is something wrong with the TV Remote it wont work.

 Mom: I told you it wouldn't.

 Later.. After Billy got up

 Sam: Mom Billy is being a jerk.

 Billy: Mom Samantha Called me Stupid.

Sam:  Did Not
Billy:  Did Too


Mom:  Shut up and get ready for school.

Peace and quiet for about 2 minutes....

Sam:   MOM Billy is just sitting there.

Billy:  No I'm not I"m eating Breakfast

Sam:  No your not your just watching the fish.

Billy:  That's not True  MOM Samantha is LYING!!!

Mom:  Shut Up and Get Ready For School...AND No More Talking To Each Other!

Sam whispering:  jerk

Billy whispering:  nuh uh your the jerk

MOM:  I SAID... SHUT UP AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL.  I SWEAR I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD I CAN TAKE YOU OUT!!! (yes I started channeling Bill Cosby there for a bit)

Sam out the door and ready for school.

AHHH peace and Quiet .....

Billy:  MOM I'm ready for school and have nothing to do.....

Monday, September 24, 2012


It's not even October yet...

No More

Today I did something that the kids are going to hate and I will probably Hate at first too.  But I think it will make our lives better in the long run.

I've disconnected the cable.

  Yep its all gone.

After weeks of flipping channels and finding NOTHING worth watching.

I've called the cable company and told them to shut it down.

Dont get me wrong there are a few shows I think are wonderful.  I"m a Hard Core Doctor Who.  I loved BBC America until they started running old American shows.  If I watched them on American channels why would I tune into BBC America to watch them again...I'm just saying...

Anyway ... I'm not a big reality TV fan all they show is greedy self centered people, drunk people acting stupid, or rude arrogant people going out of their way to crush the dreams and hopes of others all in the name of the all mighty ratings.  The tv shows they do bother to create all seem to go out of their way to out vulgar each other or show such horrible acts that it can give a sane person nightmares.  The worst of it all is the commercials.  The TV shows have ratings  (sort of)  but the commercials can be shown anywhere.  Imagine sitting down to a kid friendly show and have a commercial for  House at the End of The Street or Resident Evil pop up.  Been there done that!  Not to mention the ads directed at our Children.  How many times do I have to watch Toucan Sam and his Nephews assault and steal Fruit Loops from others.  What we are trying to teach our kids that if you REALLY REALLY want something GO AHEAD and take it from someone else!

Well you know the saying:  If you Don't like it Don't watch it!


I'm keeping the internet and that's it.  My Bill is going from $179 to $54.  Sorry Doctor your not worth $125 a month and with the money I save I can just buy the series when it comes out on DVD.  Better yet I just watch it on Netflix and keep the house clear of extra clutter.  Humm I should add that into my costs  ... lets see Netflix is 9.99 a month so 63.99 a month ...NOPE still come out ahead without cable.

It's going to be rather interesting to see how things go now that its gone. I may get a set of rabbit ears to get the local channels ... do they still use those?  It would probably be a good idea so I can keep an eye on the local news and weather.  But no more zombie kids and more time to get where I want to be seems like a definite plus.

What do you think?  Have you cut the cord to speak?  Have you considered getting rid of cable?  If you have gotten rid of cable how has it effected your life?

Just wondering...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

: Shell begins offshore drilling in the Alaskan Arctic

Take an austere location with extreme weather add a short dead line then Get ready for the Next Big Environmental Disaster:

: Shell begins offshore drilling in the Alaskan Arctic

With the approval of the Obama Administration, Royal Dutch Shell began drilling into the ocean floor of the Chukchi Sea off the coast of Alaska yesterday morning.  The controversial operation, which has been vehemently opposed by environmental and Native groups, Will likely only last a few weeks this year until the Arctic winter sets in.  The U.S. government has said that Shell much complete operations by September 24th, however the oil giant has asked for an extension.

Read the rest at

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Dad's 70'th Birthday

Ok Need a good reason to start saving up money. How about so you never have to miss moments like this ...

I didn't get a video of myself but I did take the leap too. So did the kiddies...

So if you ever need a reason to tell a co-worker No thanks I brought my lunch Well this is a good one.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Beware Post Disaster Scammers

There will always be those in need of help in some form or another.  There will also be those who prey on the generosity of those wanting to help.  These rather nasty people will send you e-mails, call you, send you letters they may even bug you on the street.  All looking for a way to jiggle your conscious into parting with your cash.

Don't Fall For It

I'm not saying don't be generous and help others in need I"m saying do it they right way.  There are plenty of legitimate organizations set up to help get donations to those who need them.  So if some unknown person starts begging you for cash to help the victims of which ever current natural disaster hits all you have to say is:     
 I already gave to the : 


There are many other legitimate organizations to help move donations to where you want them to go.  IF you are not sure about the charity you are thinking of donating to then go check out the

They have a very comprehensive list of honest charities looking to help others.    So be as generous as you want and keep the scammers out of your wallet.  

Good luck to all those people in Louisiana!