Monday, September 3, 2012

Beware Post Disaster Scammers

There will always be those in need of help in some form or another.  There will also be those who prey on the generosity of those wanting to help.  These rather nasty people will send you e-mails, call you, send you letters they may even bug you on the street.  All looking for a way to jiggle your conscious into parting with your cash.

Don't Fall For It

I'm not saying don't be generous and help others in need I"m saying do it they right way.  There are plenty of legitimate organizations set up to help get donations to those who need them.  So if some unknown person starts begging you for cash to help the victims of which ever current natural disaster hits all you have to say is:     
 I already gave to the : 


There are many other legitimate organizations to help move donations to where you want them to go.  IF you are not sure about the charity you are thinking of donating to then go check out the

They have a very comprehensive list of honest charities looking to help others.    So be as generous as you want and keep the scammers out of your wallet.  

Good luck to all those people in Louisiana! 

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