Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Come Hell or High Water

 Well I've had the high water I guess I better start praying so I don't get the Hell!

Steps under water

Who's bright idea was it to try and drive through the river?

My new indoor water fall

The flood water is rising! 
 Thanks Long Island Railroad... Your clear cutting of the trees across the street and leaving the debris behind has left us with twice the noise and a lovely river when it rains.


Anne said...

Sorry to hear about what happened. Our house also got submerged in flood weeks ago and that left us with a lot of clearing and cleaning afterwards.

April said...

Sorry to hear you got flooded too Anne. It's such a mess when it happens. It makes me feel sorry for the people who lost their homes to flooding. It's such a helpless feeling cause nothing you do can stop the tide.