Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Morning With No Cable

Well the first morning with no cable has come and gone and this is how it went.
Sam: Mom there is something wrong with the TV Remote it wont work.

 Mom: I told you it wouldn't.

 Later.. After Billy got up

 Sam: Mom Billy is being a jerk.

 Billy: Mom Samantha Called me Stupid.

Sam:  Did Not
Billy:  Did Too


Mom:  Shut up and get ready for school.

Peace and quiet for about 2 minutes....

Sam:   MOM Billy is just sitting there.

Billy:  No I'm not I"m eating Breakfast

Sam:  No your not your just watching the fish.

Billy:  That's not True  MOM Samantha is LYING!!!

Mom:  Shut Up and Get Ready For School...AND No More Talking To Each Other!

Sam whispering:  jerk

Billy whispering:  nuh uh your the jerk

MOM:  I SAID... SHUT UP AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL.  I SWEAR I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD I CAN TAKE YOU OUT!!! (yes I started channeling Bill Cosby there for a bit)

Sam out the door and ready for school.

AHHH peace and Quiet .....

Billy:  MOM I'm ready for school and have nothing to do.....

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