Monday, August 17, 2009

The Next Best Thing

I love the Library... you can go back through my post histories and find any number of comments on how much I love the Library. Where else can you get so much for free? Books, DVDs, CD, Magazines and the list goes on. If you are not using your local Library your paying too much!

But I know a place that is Second Best epically for an avid reader such as myself, and though you can't get CD's or Movies you can get books. Downloaded onto your computer or even your Palm Pilot or Smart Phone. Its Called Project Gutenberg.

You can download everything from Pride and Prejudice and Dracula to The History of the United States and Amusements in Mathematics. They have almost 30,000 free books to download for FREE according to their website plus another 70,000 through their partners and affiliates. Go check it out (click here) and don't forget to Book Mark it. I downloaded The Manual of Gardening by L. H. Bailey. Which has a couple sections I'm interested in... A small back yard and A city lot not to mention the Growing of Vegetables.

Happy Reading Everyone.

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