Wednesday, August 12, 2009

4 Day Work Week

Every now and then my Hubby will bring home a stray magazine. Usually something a co-worker has finished with and had an interesting article my Hubby wants to read. The other day he brought home a magazine called The Week. It's an interesting magazine with snippets of news usually a paragraph or two long with a few longer articles.
While I was checking it out I came across an article about Utah's State Government closing down on Fridays to save money. The workers work an extra 2 hours Monday - Thursday and have Friday off. The results.... 1.8 million in savings on their Electric bill, about 12,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide kept out of the air and a happier workforce.

What a wonderful idea! Give your employee less stress and more time with their families and save money ... Sounds good to me. Now granted this wouldn't work for every company. I don't think people would be to happy if you shut down the Mall. But parts of it could still work for everyone. If employers split their work force and gave half of them Friday off and Half of them Monday off they could still enjoy the benefits of a less stressed out, happier workforce. There would be less traffic twice a week which means safer roads and less carbon dioxide in the air. People would save money and use less gas.

Just a thought before I head out to work LOL.


vange said...

My very sweet friend sent me a six month subscription to The Week. It's especially good for people like me with short attention spans. My favorite part, I must admit, is the real estate section.

April said...

It's definately an interesting read Vange and yes the Real Estate Section was cool