Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shame on Me

I didn't something very environmentally unfriendly yesterday.
I'm so embarrassed.
My hubby was doing laundry on Monday but forgot to put the whites in the dryer. His white T-shirts were in there and he needed one for work. So I grabbed one out of the wash and through it into the dryer all by itself.

Oh the Shame of it all! The environmental horror!!!!!!

Hee Hee oh well nobody is perfect. I hate when I have to do things like that. I know it's such a waste to dry one shirt but he really needed it. What I really need to do is make sure I'm keeping up with the Laundry so we don't get anymore forgotten loads but like I said NOBODY is perfect.


Mom said...

We still love you.

April said...

Thanks Mom :D