Friday, August 14, 2009

Green Renovate Friday

This weeks Green Renovate is going to be a simple and cheap way to help you save resources (and some cash). It's something that anyone can do in their home.

Add a Water Limiting Aerator to all your faucets. These cheap inexpensive devices restrict the water flow to as much as .5 gallons a minute but believe it or not you won't notice the difference and they are very inexpensive.
These are a couple that are sold on

This one restircts water to 1.5 gallons a minute and costs $0.99

This one restricts water to .5 gallons per minute and costs $3.47

By mixing air into the water as it flows this little up grade will stop gallons of water from pouring down your drain. You save money since you will be using less water and energy and help the environment at the same time in the same way using less.


Barry said...

We have them on our shower, but didn't know they made them for faucets as well.

April said...

Hi Barry Yep they do and this is one of those things that even renters can do. Just remember to save the old one to put back when you move ;D