Monday, August 3, 2009

Using Less Electricity Means More Green

I have been checking out a really interesting site this weekend. I am so in Green heaven.

The site is Lehmans
It has so much cool stuff I wish I could visit the store in Ohio. Want to go green and use less electricity check out their Hand Cranked items section. You can even get a butter churn that's right burn those calories before you eat them LOL and you have to check out the Two speed hand cranked mixer and old fashion juicer.
You can check out canning supplies and how to books, you can even get a wood burning cook stove. (make sure your planting trees to replace the ones you use)
Now I'm not saying go hog wild and buy buy buy (I wouldn't be a cheapskate then would I) But its a great place to get some ideas, maybe check out books that look interesting from the library. Now these are the kind of books I would actually buy because they are great to have around for reference but I always check them out from the library first so I know if it is something I'll find useful all the time or if it doesn't really apply to me. That way there is no cash lost and I get a book I can really use.


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

I drool over the Lehman's catalog! If I ever won the lottery (course, I'd have to play LOL) I'd go on a shopping spree through them!

April said...

LOL sounds like a good plan to me :D Storm