Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Freezer Full Of Loaf Ends

If you look in my freezer right now you will find several bread bags ( I really should consolidate them) with the crusty end pieces in them. The kids stuff the bags in there after they have finished the rest of the loaf. (Yes I told them too) They don't like the end pieces and that's ok with me no one should have to eat something they don't like but I'm not going to waste perfectly good food.

So what do I do with them? I toss them into the oven after I have finished cooking dinner and turned the oven off. The residual heat drys out the bread so I can use it for other things. Mostly I grind them up to make bread crumbs instead of paying 2 or 3 dollars for a small box of crumbs. I also do this with bread that has gone stale. Though the stale bread has other uses too. (you can use the end pieces too but remember my kids don't like them )

Here are just a few ...

Croutons - Sauté stale bread cubes in olive oil with a little Parmesan cheese and garlic some very tasty croutons for your salad.

Soup - Use to top French Onion or other Soup then add the cheese and bake.

Bread Puddings

Feed The Birds

French Toast


Garlic Bread - mix up some olive oil and garlic and spread on stale bread and bake at 350 until just brown on the edges.

Use stale Hot Dog buns, Hamburger buns, bagels or English Muffins to make little Pizzas


Little Ladybugs said...

What a great idea, I hate throwing away food. I always let them dry out and use them in meatloaf.

April said...

Another great Idea thanks for sharing Kels :D

Jude said...

I love the end pieces so they usually don't go to waste, but you have some great ideas for using up stale bread.

April said...

Thanks Jude

I like the end pieces too but I don't eat sandwiches very often. it's easier to put them in the freezer.

Acadia said...

Feed the birds ftw!

Good post. I like the heels, though. I just don't like having one heel and one normal piece.

April said...

LOL Yep those birds do love their bread crumbs Acadia.

Some times I give the kids one normal and one heel and put it heel side down they never seem to notice ;D

It's only when they make their own do they fuss :D