Monday, August 10, 2009

5 Things To Do to Create A Backyard Wildlife Habitat

I joined the National Wildlife Federation a few months ago and they sent me a list of things you can do to create a wildlife habitat in you own backyard. I think its pretty good advice for anyone looking to help the environment so I'm going to pass them on to you.

1. Grow Native Plants: include trees, shrubs and other plants that offer food such as pollen, nectar, nuts, cones, berries and other seeds.

2. Provide water for Wildlife: with a small pond, birdbath or shallow dish... or care for a natural spring or stream on or near your habitat.

3. Create Protective Cover For Wildlife: Grow a meadow, prairie, densely branched shrubs and when appropriate, evergreens. Place hollow logs and rock piles in your yard.

4. Build Birdhouses and Other Places to Raise Young: attach to metal poles and monitor their use. Grow host plants for butterflys and moth caterpillars to eat and provide dense plantings to create safe areas for nesting wildlife.

5. Sustainable Gardening - For example: Use Mulch, compost, rain garden, and chemical-free fertilizer when needed.

When your done and want to tell your neighbors then (click here) to go to The National Wildlife Federations Website and get your backyard certified as a wildlife habitat.


Mom said...

This is so important. Planting flowers for the bees is also very important for our planet.

April said...

I agree Mom :D