Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chicken Dreams

I want a chicken.... Not just any chicken I want a silkie Here are some pictures I borrowed:

Picture from

Picture From

I have actually wanted chickens for quite a while..... we're talking BC (before children). My hubby and I went to Colonial Williamsburg when they still had their heirloom animal lectures (now you have to pay for them separate). We talked to the lady taking care of the chickens for quite a while while watching the different breeds of chickens she kept. That's when I fell in love with the Silkies. These slightly odd looking birds with feathers so fine you would think it was fur.
You may wonder what brought all this up 13 years later.... while I was at the Library I was looking for a recipe book that has recipes from scratch. I'm looking for a good marshmallow recipe so the kids can make smores with out the blue dye that is in regular marshmallows. Anyway I happened across a book called Made From Scratch by Jenna Woginrich. I though perfect with out even opening it I checked it out and hustled home. Once home I realized my "recipe" book was actually a book about on women's journey into self sufficient living. In the very first chapter she talks about how she got chickens and the very first ones she chose to get were silkies. Ahhh I thought a kindred spirit. I read the book start to finish even the sad part where she had to put down one of her Angora Rabbits and I cried. It's one of the first books I've read in a long time that I want to add to my home library. It has a wonderful list of resources in the back including a couple for girls like me stuck in the city who want to be more self sufficient.
Now of course I have to go back to the Library to find that marshmallow recipe LOL!


vange said...

I raised chicks for The Natural History Museum to feed the big snakes. The chicks start out cute but grow up kinda cranky and scraggly. Maybe they knew their fate?

April said...

aww poor chicks Where is the Natural History Museum that has live snakes I thought most has taxidermied animals?

vange said...

It was a tiny one in New Mexico that had big boas and pythons and some rattlers too. It's the food chain, you know?

The worst were the rabbits; they scream like human babies and, because the snakes swallow them whole, you can hear them even after they've been swallowed. That was really very awful.

April said...

Yeah I know the circle of life I sometimes have to feed the snakes in the pet store I work in... still sad sometime.

I'd hate to be there for feeding the snakes the rabbits. I think that would be a little too much for me.

vange said...

Yeah, I didn't enjoy that at all. The things broke-ass college kids will do for money, you know?

April said...

Yep I know Lucky for me I was older when I went to college and I had the Hubby to help ;D