Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Saving Cash Behind The Wheel

Ok you probably already know what my first choice for saving gas money is. Go Ahead make a guess

  1. Walk, ride your bike or use Roller skates. Yeah People Power rules when it comes to saving money. Got a family to move around check out
  2. Can't seem to give up the car??? Basic Car Maintainance is the rule here Check the Oil, and Water regularly. A car that is properly lubricated and cooled runs on less fuel. Check and make sure the tires are properly inflated. Deflated tires make the car use more fuel.
  3. Drive the speed limit. The slower the speed the more saved want to see the numbers go to http://www.edmunds.com/advice/fueleconomy/articles/106842/article.html
  4. Combine all your errands into one trip.
  5. Check the local gas price sites for the cheapest gas in your area. Sites like http://www.gasbuddy.com/ can help you find the lowest price in your area. Don't forget to check the prices at your local discount club the savings may be worth the price.
  6. Use the Shortest Route. This should be a no brainer and sometimes isn't possible (like during rush hour) but give it a shot.

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