Friday, February 15, 2008

Yard Tip

Lets Face it we all like to have a nice yard to sit around in and talk with our friends and loved ones. Watching the kids try to catch Fireflys or Grasshoppers. But equipment to keep your yard looking its best can be expensive and takes up a lot of room in the Garage or shed. Not to mention that we only need them once in a while not everyday.

What to do What to do?

Why not start a neighborhood Co-op for yard equipment. Each neighbor can buy 1 item and share it with the others. In this way you only have to care and store one piece of equipment but get the use of several different items. Imagine being able to get ahold of Tillers, pruners, trimmers, chainsaws maybe a riding mower with out having to store it all in your house. Think of the money and space you will save. Not to mention the environmental resources that are not rusting away in each individual garage waiting for the 1 or 2 times a year it might be needed.

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