Thursday, February 7, 2008

On Eating out.

Eating out is probably one of the most expensive things we do. But if you are like anyone else you like to have the occasionally meal brought to you with no clean up to have to worry about. Heaven KNOWS I do. What do you do well I have one suggestion for eating out where you will save tons of money...........No No not on the actually restaurant food, though you can probably find coupons for your favorite place, I'm talking about timing.

My husband and I love to eat out but its expensive so what do we do? We plan: first the meal of choice is lunchtime. Lunch menus are usually cheaper so you get to enjoy the experience while saving money. But that is not what I meant by timing we also plan our lunches for when I need to do the GROCERY SHOPPING.

Everyone know that it is just plain silly to go shopping for food on an empty stomach. You end up buying everything that looks appitizing and spending a fortune. But just think about how you feel after a filling meal from a restaurant. No! I'm not talking fast food! Fast food is crappy and not very filling or satisfying. Why would you waste your one time a week or month (depending on how often you shop) eating that junk. When you have a good meal at a good restaurant you feel very full and satisfied. The last thing you want is more food. This makes it a piece of cake to stick to your list and avoid excessive (and usually fattening) purchaces. In other words that one meal can save you a fortune in purchases you never wanted to make in the first place.

So enjoy that occasional meal out with someone you love or your best friend but plan wisely and save your cash.

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