Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Weed Free Patio without chemicals.

Have you ever used a weed killer to kill off those pesky plants that insist on poping up where you don't want them?

You could just pull them out.

Yeah I know what your saying to that, I don't want to! I don't have time! This is easier! I get it we don't all have the time to sit there and pull up every little weed that pops up. But I have a suggestion that will work just as well as those poisons you plan to apply.

I once saw someone suggest putting salt down in the area where you want to keep the pesky plants from blooming. DON'T!!!!! Not only does it kill the weeds but if you ever change your mind. Lets say you want your patio on the left side of the yard instead of the right away from those nosy neighbors. You won't be able to grow anything where you've put the salt down. Not to mention when it runs off in the rain it will kill anything growing around your patio or other areas you may have salted.

So What do you do? Its easy every time you steam your veggies or boil pasta don't dump that boiling water down the drain (strain the pasta over another pot instead of the sink). Take take that boiling hot water and pour it over the weeds you want to kill. The boiling water kills the roots and by the time is has reached the edge of your patio it has cooled off enough that it won't harm any other plants.

Take care this suggestion is for sidewalk and patios and should not be used to rid your flowerbeds of weeds. I know this is a pretty obvious statement but

The HOT WATER WILL KILL YOUR FLOWERS TOO. Just wanted to say that so there is no misunderstandings.


Mom said...

I actually spent several weeks this year pulling all the weeds in my yard out by hand. Yes, a couple of hours every day were spent out in the yard pulling those weeds with my bare hands.

See, for the past three years we used weed and feed fertilizer. Each year, the weeds would die and then return progressively worse.

This year - I attacked with a different strategy. I spend about five minutes a week in the yard now just doing maintenance. The big overgrowth of weeds never did come back.

April said...

Nice work mom

I use the boiling water method on the patio and hand pull on the flower beds it works good for me :D

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.