Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Share Your Love of Reading

I love to read. I’ve got shelves of books and stacks of magazines. I have found it necessary to lighten the loads of reading material that I have around the house. We moved with about 1000 lbs of books (I’m not making this up) and we just don’t have room in our new home. It’s time to clean off the shelves so we fit but what to do with all the books?

Have no fear Crazy Green is here LOL.

There are many place that would appreciate all of my (and your) books and magazines that you and I wish to get rid of.

Think about the last time you were waiting at the doctors or dentists office remember all those out dated magazines? Well check with them to see if they would like your reading materials. You can also check with the local nursing homes. The residents would probable love to have them.

The local libraries may not need the books but they usually hold a book sale at least once a year and use the funds raised to help with operating expenses. This is also a good place for old videos.

Schools and daycare can use children’s books and the magazines can be use for art projects, collages, reading and spelling lessons.

If you can think of any other places that can use books and magazines in good condition please let me know.

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