Friday, August 29, 2008

Just A Little Crazy: Uses for Dryer Lint

Well what would The Crazy Green Cheapskate be without something a little Crazy.
Thinking of throwing out that dryer lint……..Well Hold your horses here are a few uses for that fluffy stuff.

1. School Art Projects. Think white fluffy clouds, Do a load of green for some bushes, If you have enough laundry you could make a whole fluffy picture.

2. Stop those drafts. Take an old pair of pant and cut off the legs sew up one end and start filling with dryer lint. When you get enough sew it closed and place it in front of that drafty door. You can also use a pair of old stockings or that one knee-hi who lost it’s partner in the mysterious dryer black hole.

3. Packing material for small packages. Place the item in a plastic bag (reuse those grocery bags you got because you forgot to bring your cloth bags ) then stuff the dryer lint in all those left over spaces.
4. Stuff an Animal. Making a friend for a loved ones little one? Save up that dryer lint to make it soft and fluffy. (if the child has allergies try using the cotton from vitamin and pain reliever bottles).

5. Fix a loose shoe. If those stunning new pumps are a little loose or rubbing funny, use a little lint to fill in those gaps and walk on fluffy clouds of lint.

6. Mix it with some petroleum jelly and store in an old film canister. Then when you go camping take it out and use it to help start your camp fire.

7. Put it out side (along with hair from your hair brush and your pet brushes) for the birds to line their nests with.


Honey Mommy said...


I would never have thought of some of these!


Mom said...

You know, those sound like really good ideas.

However, dryer lint is HIGHLY flammable. Using it inside the house could potentially be a major fire hazzard.

The birds houses are probably safe from fire, but ours are not.

Camp fires start beautifully with a bit of dryer lint - even without the petroleum.