Monday, August 11, 2008

A Wonderful Site with A super Useful Tip

I was cleaning out my e-mail. Over 3000 of them because I was not able to access a computer during moving.

Just before I left Arkansas for New York I signed up for a newsletter from a site called

I signed up for it because it has tips just for New York as well as other areas plus a general newsletter for everyone. Anyway I signed up for the New York Newsletter figuring what could be a better way to learn about green options in my new home then a Green Newsletter just for that area.

Well I hit paydirt with this site. As I mentioned in my last post My husband is looking for a way to bycycle to work and thanks to Ideal bites tip he now has a way to map out the safest bicycle route using a site called Ride The City . It's a very simple site to use. just like other maping sites you put in your location and your destination and it gives you directions for the safest way to get there on a bike.

They are still in Beta and have a wonderful blog to check out. So if you take your bike to New York now you know where to got to get around.

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