Friday, March 1, 2013

Still Alive

Well I'm Still Here

It's Been too long since my last post and I"m sorry about that!  I've been busy as all get out though and things are starting to settle down .... at least for now.

We have found out where we are going to move next ... We are heading to the Florida Panhandle .. funny enough pretty close to that dream property I mentioned. Not quite close enough to commute to Eglin AFB though.   Did you go check it out?  Not that I would every be able to afford it even though they lowered the price.  If you didn't see it from my last post here is the address again

Anyway ... we just got back from Florida ..with the hubby working so hard lately we took the February break off and took a vacation.  We also drove through the area we are looking at moving to.  It's a city called Niceville it has a close commute for the hubby and good schools for the kiddies.  We are thinking about buying a house this time ... Kind of chancy .. kind of pricey but  being close to Several Military bases will make it easy to rent if we need to move again.  

I've been looking at the houses online nothing has really caught my eye.  The properties in our price range have such small lots there would be no place for the kids to play, the dogs to run and a garden.  Its hard to tell sometimes from the pictures they post though.  Man I'm going to miss the snow!

On a Happy note Rise of The Guardians Comes out on DVD next month!  If you didn't see it You missed out on a AWESOME movie!!!  I loved it so much we went to see it Twice.  Yeah I know not a very cheapskate thing to do but it was that good!  It's a shame more people didn't go see it but I guess there were just too many movies to chose from.  For me I will always choice the Family Friendly movie there just aren't enough of them coming out... everything is all teens having sex, death, and destruction.  Personally I think we have enough of that crap in real life do we really need to see it in the movies too.  Hopefully Rise of the Guardians will do so well in DVD sales it will make up for the lost theater revenues!

Humm maybe I'll have one of my contests and give away a copy... what do you think?  Are you interested?


Sandee said...

Great to see a post from you. Okay on the move too. Florida is a beautiful place indeed. I've only been to Miami, but it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Have a terrific day and weekend. ☺

Anonymous said...

you went to Florida and didn't invite me to go with you. OK when do you plan to move there and when cam i visit you there?

April Sargent said...

LOL Anonymous .. who every you may be. We move there next summer.