Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Few Updates

It's getting a little crazy around here.

 House hunting online is a pain in the butt.  Google maps helps but its hard to say whether a place is right for you or not from pictures designed to show houses in the best possible way.  One said it was two stories but you cant see it from the picture.  The picture looks like a one story so that leaves me wondering ... What kind of monstrosity are they leaving out of that picture??

Things are going ok on the Juicing.  Had a little misstep yesterday when I made the kids lunch.  I made them some goodies and we sat and watched a movie.  Yep I ate goodies with them and boy did I feel terrible the rest of the day.  Not Guilty ..I decided when I started I would be flexible when necessary.  I didn't want to feel restricted and thus creating more cravings for food I "couldn't have".  No I felt down right sick to my stomach.  Heck I still feel terrible today!!!  For the most part I feel great when I'm just drinking the fresh fruit and veggie juice.  The hardest time is when I'm making dinner for the kids cause it smells so good.  But all in all I'm having a pretty positive experience.

I'm planning a couple more trips into the City to make sure the kids get to see everything they want to before we leave.  So far my son wants to go to the Jekyll and Hyde Club and Samantha wants to go back to the museum.  How about you is there anything you would like to see pictures off before we leave?

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Sandee said...

Sometimes you'll go see the house you saw online and it won't even look the same. It's crazy.

When our bodies get used to what we put in it and then we change it up it rebels. I can so relate.

Have a terrific day. :)