Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 2 was a bit of a Flop

Well the Morning started out fine.  My gas problem was go along with everything else that was in my intestines.  DON"T bother buying one of those colon cleanse products.. you know the ones with all the weird sounding things in it that promise to clean out all the undigested stuff "rotting" in your guts.  Just go out buy some fresh fruits and veggies juice them up and drink that for a day or two and I promise you will have the cleanest colon in town with out worrying about weird side effects that supplements don't have to tell you about cause they are supplements.

Anyway...  Here is the flop part.  I didn't plan for work!  Usually I eat something before I go work for 4 hours then come home and eat lunch.  Well that does work so well when your just drinking juice.  About two hours after I started work I was crazy hungry and had to get something to eat.  Well the only thing close enough to get there on my ten minute break is Panera Bread.  Wonderful place to eat but not such a hot spot to dine when you are trying not to eat that kind of stuff. 

Well That was yesterday and today is a new day so I just juiced up some oranges and grapefruit for breakfast and I"m carrying on!  

Now I got a couple small drink containers so I can make up some juice to take with me to work.  I know they say you should drink it as soon as you make it to get maximum nutritional benefits but I don't have time to haul the juicer to work with me to juice fruits and veggies on a 10 minute break then haul it home again.   So it will have to do!

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Sandee said...

Well, you're cleaned out and then some it sounds like. Yikes.

I was wondering how that would go if you are working. I see how it turned out. You'll figure it out.

Have a terrific day. ☺