Monday, March 4, 2013

Sometimes The Universe Just Come Together

It started out with a movie Called Hungry for Change.  Movie Description:  
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This documentary exposes secrets the diet, weight loss and food industries don't want consumers to know about: deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. Find out what's keeping people from having the body and health they want.

The discuss how people look at food and their relationship with it and how it effects their weight loss efforts. It was an interesting movie and in this movie they discussed Juicing.  Its something we've all heard about thanks to Jack Lalanne.  Something that when I first heard about it I was young crazy and thought I was invincible just like every other young person.  Of course we all grown up and learn better ... don't we!

I really didn't think any more about it until I watched another documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  Movie Description :

Focusing on two men whose bodies have been trashed by steroids, obesity and illness, this documentary chronicles the rigorous healing path -- including a two-month diet of fruits and vegetables -- that both attempt in a bid to rescue their health. (the steroids were for an allergy condition they both had.)

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This Movie started out with a gentleman from Australia who was tired of being Sick and Tired and decide it was time for extreme measures.  He decided to do a juice fast for 60 days and the results have to be seen to be believed!  While he was traveling he met another fellow who had the same condition as he did and was way more overweight.  He helped this guy get started and documented his weight loss journey too.  By the end of the movie I thought I would love to give that a try.  But there was no way in my cheap heart I was going to shell out a couple hundred buck for a juicer!

Well that's where luck came my way.  You know freecycle .. I know I've mentioned it before!  While I was checking out the latest e-mail there was someone giving away a juicer.  (they were getting a newer model)  I sent off my request and low and behold I am now the owner of a slightly used juicer.  I washed out and gave it a try with some apples.  It worked just fine and the apple juice was yummy!  So this morning I've started.  My first blend was of Oranges and Grapefruit.  I left the peel on since there is suppose to be a ton of nutrition in there.  It came out kind of sour but palatable.  Next I tried out kind of a salsa blend.  I used 3 tomatoes, 1 red pepper, some kale cause its one of the most nutritious vegetables out there and garlic.  I was going to add some onion but forgot.  Let me tell you something if you are going to juice garlic just do one clove!  I did the whole head and WOW what a kick!  I took the left overs and put them in a container.  I'm going to offer it to the kids with some corn chips and see if they like the fresh "Salsa"   Hey waste not want not!


Sandee said...

Well good for you. Let us know how this works for you. I love juice. Not sure I could live on it, but you you do all the right things I'm thinking you'd get all the nutrition you need.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

April Sargent said...

I don't think I"ll be living on it but I'm gonna start with the 10 day and see how it goes.