Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Years

I know about a week late but hey its still the start of the New Year so close enough!

Things have settled down over here and I have much to share so there will be several posts to share.

This first one is my What I"m thankful for.  As the New Year starts I can't think of a better way to start it then to go over things I'm thankful for in my life.  Can you think of a better way to start the New Year then thinking of all the good things in our life.  I decided to list 50 things ... so here goes ...
in no particular order

1.  A husband who loves me despite my certifiable moments ..or maybe because of them.
2.  Healthy intelligent children .
3.  Two healthy Dogs who love me unconditionally cause...  That's how Dogs are.
4. Two healthy Cats who love me when they feel like being loved ... Cause that's how Cats are.
5. A roof over my head that keeps me safe and warm.  Even through Hurricane Sandy.
6.  A great place to work.  Though I won't be working there next year cause we are moving I'll enjoy it while  
     I can.
7. A great boss ..everyone should have a boss like mine.  She appreciates the hard work you do and works 
    with you when you have a problem. 
8.  My Health ...yeah a little on the too heavy side but I'm working on it.  Everything else is working fine.
9.  The Library ... yeah it's not mine it belongs to everyone but I'm very thankful for it.  It saves me a fortune
     on books I want to read and movies I want to see.  Plus I don't have the massive clutter from owning all 
      the books I want to read and the movies I want to see.
10.  Bananas
11. My Nice Neighbors .. they don't mind that the dogs bark while they play.  They always say hello and if I 
      needed a hand they would lend one.
12.  Going to College.  I always hated school growing up when I got out of the Military I went to College 
       and there I found the true joy of Learning
13.  Having lived around the World.  I have been to more places then I can name.  Though I didn't explore 
      as much as I would have liked.  I did see so many wonderful things.
14.  The ability to laugh at myself while others are still scratching their heads going What the Freak????
15.  My perpetual good mood that is only interrupted by the occasional bad day. (my coworkers think I'm 
       nuts lol)
16. A good snowstorm know the one I mean ...The kids get a snow day ... you get the day off from 
     work... make up a batch of hot chocolate and after playing in the snow with the kids ... you snuggle under 
     a blanket together and drink hot chocolate and watch a movie.
17. The ability to walk to work.
18.  Jack Frost nipping at my nose.
19.  An Active Imagination.  So I can day dream through the boring times ... like sitting in the DMV or the 
      Doctors office.
20.  A good book ... of course those are also a source of frustration for me too since they always seem to 
     end too quickly.
21. Museums
22. Art
23. Music .. Not all music the songs that talk about being drunk and stupid and sleeping around get me to 
     change the channel in a heart beat but good songs are a wonderful thing.
24.  Doctor Who ... A wonderful show full of imagination and wonder I've been watching since I was young
       and I'll keep watching even after the stop making it.
25.  Preston and Child Books ...its the one set of books that me and my hubby both agree on.
26.  Laughter.  
27.  Two person Video Games.  My hubby and I like to play together.
28.  Stepping out the front door First thing in the morning, in the winter, and taking that first cold fresh breath 
      of air.
29.  A working Vacuum ... hey I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and they all shed!
30.  A Hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning.
31.   Seeds
32.  Wildlife
33.  Spring Flowers after a long cold winter.
34. The warm feeling you get when you help someone.
35.  The warm feeling you get when someone helps you.
36.  The internet ... from information to fun to talking to my family.  It's a wonderful thing.
37.  Mash Potatoes and Gravy ..need I say any more?
38.  Hugs when I'm feeling blue.
39.  A cats purr .. just something heart warming about a cats purrrrr.
40.  Taking the dogs for a walk early in the morning when its quiet outside.
41.  Learning something new.
42.  Remembering something old.
43.  Fresh water that comes right out of the tap ...NO bottle needed.
44.  Trees .. Fresh air ..Home to wildlife .. beautiful with a head full of leaves or bare branches covered with
45.  Beaches  ...
46.  and their complete opposite  ... Mountains.
47.  Chocolate .. Seriously
48.  Gardening in the back yard .. even in my little container garden.
49.  Thunderstorms ... and Rainbows
50.  Dreams ..Awake or asleep dreams are wonderful things to have.


Sandee said...

Did you quit blogging? I miss you.

Have a terrific day. :)

April Sargent said...

Hi Sandee I'm still kicking it was just a little nuts the last couple monthes :D