Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reality Check

To say I have big dreams is probably an understatement!  Some time  my ideas so over reach my financial reality its not even funny.  For Example :  The Source Mall right down the street from us is up for sale.  OH the things I could do with that mall just the way it is no need to demolish it.  I could bring it back to life and fill every store in the place.  But who has 100 million laying around they are not using.  Like I said Big Big Ideas.

Well the other day I was flipping through an old magazine my hubby bought called The New Pioneer.  Its for people who want to be self reliant.

Well hiding in its pages was an ad that I hadn't notice the first few hundred times I had flipped through.  It was a for sale ad in Florida.  The property for sale was The Woodland Springs Wildlife Refuge.  Wondering if it was still available I pulled up the web page and there it was still for sale.  As I viewed the property it literally brought tears to my eyes.  Wouldn't that be the most marvelous place for my hubby to retire to once he got out of the military.  The peace and quiet would be wonderful.  Now how would I afford the 1. 6 million they were asking for it.

Pond #1
Woodland Springs Wildlife Refuge
My mind was running around for days wondering what other bills I could cut to save up for such a jewel.  Then my brain finally had a reality check the stopped my dreaming and no it wasn't the 1.6 million though that is still a toughy.  It was my kids!  Not that this wouldn't be a splendid place for them to finish growing up but what about the schools???  One of the things we do before we move to a new base it check out the schools to see which town has the best school within commuting distance.  When you move alot you want to make sure the schools can meet your children's needs.  Well it turns out that Quincy Florida, where my kids would go to school if we moved there, only got a 4 out of 10 on Great Schools and didn't even rate on Newsday's list.  Given the general needs of both my children there is no way I could see moving them to a school that can't meet both of their needs. 

I do hope this beautiful property goes to someone who appreciates the land for what it has to offer and not some developer who will bulldoze its splendor to the ground.  Good Luck Woodland Springs! 

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