Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Continues

Well the wind is picking up and you can here the gusts shaking the windows.  Almost every hour the fire station sirens go off and I find myself hoping its nothing serious...I guess it probably is or why would they call the fire station.

What should be Fall's beauty is being ripped from the trees to litter the ground

As the storm picks up, these bright dressings from the trees will soon clog the storm drains.  The streets will fill with water and then so will my basement.

If I'm lucky the power will stay on and I can vacuum and dump the water into the basement sink.  Lets face it though they are predicting the power not only to go out but to be out for a good long while.  In this case I will have to haul buckets of water up the stairs and dump them into the kitchen sink since the basement drain doesn't work with out it's electric pump to push the water up.

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