Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tip 1 On How To Winterize A Home

The weather is getting colder and now it the time to start preparing your home for the long cold days of winter. I'm going to offer a tip every day for the next few days to help you with getting started. By doing or scheduling to have done one a day it makes it a easy chore for anyone. Just one step at a time for a warm comfy energy saving winter.

First Tip

Drain your automatic sprinkler system. As the weather get colder and wetter the last thing your grass needs is more water. Now is a good time to drain it so when the frost kicks in you won't have pipes bursting at the seams that can cost you flooding in your home and costly repairs come spring.

1. Turn off the water supply
2. Place bucket under drain valve
3. Open drain valve and keep an eye on it. You don't want your bucket to over flow or get so full you can't lift it.
4 Leave the water off and the valve in the open position. ( I like to leave the bucket under the valve too just in case).

And your done with your first step toward winterizing your home. If you don't have an automatic sprinkler then you can obviously skip this step but don't forget to stop in tomorrow for step two.

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