Saturday, October 22, 2011

How To Make Your Own Pumpkin Puree from Scratch

It was baking day on Thursday and while I was waiting for some bread to come out of the oven I was looking at some of my favorite blogs. Over at Housewife Eclectic they had a guest writer: Megan from Kitschy Suburbia and she posted a yummy recipe for Pumpkin French Toast. In the story leading up to the recipe she explained how the can of pumpkin puree she was using came from her mothers kitchen in California and she was using it in New Mexico. She was hard pressed to find any in New Mexico. That got me to thinking why doesn't she just get (or grow) a whole pumpkin and make her own puree, I do it every year.

This of course gave me a DUH moment as my memory kicked in and realized maybe she doesn't know how to make it. It was only a few years ago when I figured out how to do it.

Now for me it wasn't just a matter of using the freshest ingredients possible but that is a wonderful bonus as it has much better flavor then the stuff in a can.

For me it was all about a WHO THE HECK DOES SHE THINK SHE IS ... Moment. I was sitting at the school waiting to pick up my kids for the walk home and I was listening to a older lady talk about how she was making pumpkin pie using fresh pumpkin. I told her That sounds wonderful how do you cook the pumpkin to use it. (if you've ever carve a pumpkin you know it's one Hard squash). She had the NERVE to look at me and tell me "It's too hard for you dear you should stick to the canned pumpkin from the store"

WHAT??? Really!!!
Well to heck with her I'll figure it out for myself!

It turns out it's really pretty easy to take a whole pumpkin and make pumpkin puree for all your pumpkin needs.

First select your pumpkin. You don't want one of the really large ones since you'll have a hard time fitting it in your oven.

Cut off the stem like your making a Jack - O - Lantern. It will make it easier to cut it in half.

Cut it in half

and remove the seeds. Don't throw them away and I'll share the recipe for pumpkin seeds.

Place the cut pumpkin, cut side down, on a cookie sheet and pour 1 cup water around it.
(this well keep it from drying out while it bakes)

Cook at 350 for 1 hour it will turn a darker brown.
and when you push on the skin it will leave an indentation.

Let it cool off.

Then Peal the skin off. It's alot like pealing a banana.

Finally Mash or whip up in a food processor. Use it cup for cup in your Recipes and Enjoy.

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