Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Well the best laid plans of mice and Mommy's often go awry.
Here is the post I planned for Saturday but didn’t get a chance. My hubby left on a trip Saturday and while I was helping him take boxes out to the car I managed to bash my hand on the door frame. It was hard enough to slice my thumb open. I probably should have gone and gotten stitches but I didn’t. Every time I tried to do something it would start to bleed again. So I spent the day watching movies with the kids. I spent lots of time with them but didn’t get a lot done. So here are the rest of the March tips and I hope all the tips have helped you save some money.

My first are to help you rethink about the things you through away.

Cereal Box Recycling: Don’t just chuck out the cereal box when you are done. The box can be used to protect you work surface when doing arts and crafts projects. Don’t chuck those wax paper bags on the inside either they have a multitude of uses too. They can be uses in lunch boxes for large sandwiches. You can pull the seams apart and use the liner for cooking lining shelves or drawers. Cut it into squares and use it to cover food in the microwave to keep the splatter off the walls.

Those thick rubber bands they put around bunches of broccoli and other veggies can be useful too. Use them to wrap cords in a bundle to keep the unsightly bundle out of the way. Put them around the lid of a jar to help you get a grip and open it easier. Save the rest for any other need that pops up.

35 mm film canisters are useful too. Though with the popularity of digital cameras who knows how long these will be around LOL. I used one in our cricket keeper to get the crickets out to feed the frogs without having to catch them. You can also to store small small parts in them or pins and tacks. They are great for storing seasonings for camping trips.

A friend showed me this one. Take a soda pop top and attach it to a picture frame and hang it as usual instead of paying $2 to $5 for a hanging kit. This works great for light pictures.

Now other tips :

Consider slowing down you Internet. For most people the slower speed won’t affect their surfing but it can make a hugh difference in their wallets.

If you have a cell phone consider getting rid of your home phone. It’s silly to pay for both. If you really feel you need both fro emergencies then consider reducing you service to the absolute minimum.

Shut the vents in unused rooms. In the summer we shut the vents in the basement it stays cool down there in the summer so it is a waste of electricity to pump air conditioning down there. We do heat it in the winter because you can feel the cold come through the floor.

Lose weight. Not only will this save you money on your life and healthy insurance but also your clothing bill. Since smaller size clothes tend to cost less.

Keep your tires properly inflated. Your car will run better and you will spend less on gas.

Well those were all the tips I had saved up for my tip fest.


Sherrie said...

Ouch about your finger...that sounds like it hurt. Thanks for those tips...eye opening to say the least. Is it really true that smaller size clothing is cheaper? I haven't paid attention. I know that as my son gets older, his clothes are getting more expensive. :( Only good thing -- hand-me-downs for the baby. LOL!

April said...

Yes it definately hurt Sherri I actually felt like throwing up.

Yes it's true about the clothes... At least the adult sizes. It's a matter of quantity. The larger you are the larger your clothes have to be, the more material they have to use to make it. thus the more you have to pay.