Sunday, April 26, 2009

Slumps, Grumps, and I Wants

Last week was rather rough I spent the whole week feel exhausted. I was in a major slump. I didn't want to do anything. Though there were things I had to do.... Go to work, do the dishes (sometimes ..... when I ran out ), Get the kids to school on time. You know the usual adult stuff.

This of course led to the Grumps. You know what I mean with kids always needing something and the pets demanding to be fed. You just want to scream:

Of course they never do and you just have to trudge on and be the grown up. But lets face even grown ups..... once in a while Don't want to be the Grown up. It's those times we look at are kids and say stop growing up so fast! Enjoy the time you have! Go Play and have fun!
The week ended of bad feelings ended on Friday morning with a very very very bad case of the I WANTS. I want a new laptop this one is way to slow. I want a swimming pool. I want to do more with my kids. I want to lose weight immediately if not sooner. There was more but it would probably take all day to type them.

I had to get rid of these negative feelings. So I started by throwing the leash on the dog and taking a walk. Getting out of the house helped though walking the neighborhood lead to a few other I wants. When I got home I started cleaning.... sorted some of the clutter and vacuumed the floor. (This always makes the house look so much cleaner even If I just vacuum the day before.) Then I headed over to the library to check out a couple movies for the kids. After selecting the movies I just wandered through the isles.
Thinking about some of my wants. The computer first came to mind. You see I'm using my hubby's old laptop and its rather outdated and slow. It makes visiting my favorite blogs time consuming especially when they have lots of stuff on them. Well I figured why not check to see what kind of books they have for cleaning up and updating old computers. I found one of the Dummies books and grabbed it up.

My next thought went to the swimming pool want.. you should know this want is more for a practical need. Swimming is the best exercise choice for someone of my size. I'm not hugh mind you but sizable enough that if I spend the day walking ...say taking the kids to the zoo.. then my feet are killing me that night and the next day. Anyway they don't make swimming suits for my size that are good for swimming laps. They are designed to HIDE the problem. So when I try to swim laps the top part pulls down and.... ummm..... well you get the idea. There is nothing I can really do with this want since we are currently renting and the yard is really to small for a pool. So I thought more about the wants I could fix.

Doing more with the kids. We are saving up so that when my hubby's tour here in NY is done we can buy a home. The plan of course is to try and get the next assignment some place we would like to retire. So what every I did with the kids had to be CHEAP. Well I found it and we had a great time. We went to the local Botanical Gardens. Cost... a little gas to get there. What we found well here let me show you ( I actually went and did the dishes while these uploaded dang slow computer):

This one was my daughter's favorite she said it looked like they were on fire

My son wanted some bird pictures so I got these for him.

And I thought this was cool... Though it would be more for the Lazy Green Notso Cheapskate

its a solar powered robotic lawn mower.

Now I'm feeling better also if you like wildlife photos I have some from the botanical gardens that I'm posting on my Cats and Dogs blog I though about posting them here but didn't want to make the load time any longer then it already will be LOL.


Online Garden Fountains said...

Wow nice garden!! I like the flowers. They are beautiful.

April said...

well I took the pics but I can't take credit for the flowers. These were taken from the local botanical garden. :D