Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today Is Earth Day.... What Will You Do To Celebrate?

Happy Earth Day Everyone. I wasn't sure what to talk about today. I will be heading out later to take a hike around our local park and take some Pictures. If I get any good ones I'll post them when I get back. So what will you be doing on this wonderful day to celebrate the Earth? Here is a little Song I found at

I didn't see an authors name to sharebut there are Earthday poems there if you want to read them. Here is Working on The Trash.

(sung to "I've Been Working on the Railroad")

We've been working on RECYCLING
All the trash we can,
We've been working on recycling,
It's a very simple plan,
Separate your glass and paper,
Separate your plastic and tin.
Take the trash that you've recycled
To your recycling bin!

We've been working on REDUCING
All the trash we can.
We've been working on reducing I
t's a very simple plan.
Don't go wasting any products,
Use just exactly what you need.
Don't buy things in extra wrapping,
Reduce and you'll succeed!

We've been working on REUSING
All the trash we can.
We've been working on reusing,
It's a very simple plan.
If it's a paper bag you're using,
Don't use it once, use it twice!
Give old clothes and toys to someone,
To reuse them would be nice!


Michelle said...

We really can't get outside to do much for Earth Day today. It's raining and cold. We try to give back to the earth everyday. The hubby and I are always trying to find new ways to go green. Thanks for sharing today.

Sapphire said...

I don't pay much attention to things like Earth Day. I already take the bus or walk every where anyways and I have been doing it ever since I learned to walk. I also don't buy lots stuff so I am not contributing a lot to city dumps. I also don't litter and have been recycling for years out of habit. I have never been on an airplane and rarely travel outside of my town. Earth day is everyday of my life it seems. I don't need a special day to notice our planet. :-)

Anna said...

I didn't do any thing specifically for Earth day since I had to work a 12 hour day. But overall, I do several things that help out such as composing and recycling items. Raising my own food etc.

Kerrie said...

i'm gonna keep recycling, breastfeeding, cloth diapering and NFPing (no pill containers, condoms, etc. in landfills!). i'm soooo self-righteous ... not!