Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tomorrow is Earth Day + My 1st Penny Pincher Parade Post

Spring is in bloom and what better way to start my first blog post for The Penny Pincher Parade then by offering some tips for cheaper gardening. This also makes a good post for my Tomorrow is Earth Day post since we are talking recycling and growing plants.

Since we currently rent our home I don’t want to spend tons of time or money keeping the areas around the bushes weed free, So I take newspapers or paper bags and recycle them by using them in place of those rolls of tarp they sell at the do it yourself store, This works in the veggie patch too. If you plan to use the newspaper contact them and find out what kind of ink they use. Some inks are toxic and you don’t want them leaching into the soil.

Need some free container to start those seedlings in. Save those yogurt containers, Egg cartons or soda containers or any other small food container that you were planning on throwing out.

Last do less work and have more types of veggies by getting together with other neighborhood gardeners and instead of throwing out those extra seedling when you thin them out trade them for other veggies. You can also do a more organic style by getting together and decide who will grow which type of veggie each year and rotate your crops to naturally help with pest control and soil health.

Now Stop on over to Small Town Louisiana Girl's blog today she will have links to all the other's in the Penny Pincher Parade.


Now I got up rather early this morning and when I stopped by at 7:19 EST her post wasn't up yet so I'll have to add my link to the list after work but go take a look. See those penny pinching tips and squeeze with all your might.


~~tonya~~ said...

Hey!! I got it up.

Brother had surgery last night, so was focused on that.

Thanks so much for participating.

Pete said...


I really like your blog. Glad to see there is someone as "thrifty" as me.I also love gardening and landscaping.


April said...

Thanks Pete