Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthdays Snow Storms and A Sick Doggy

This month did not start out way I wanted it too. I wanted to start this month with one tip a day for saving money since my last post was a challenge to save as much money as possible during the month of March. Unfortunately things that not turn out that way but I’m still going to be posting tips every day I can to help save money to see how much money you can save.

The reasons for my lack of posting, well my son’s birthday was Sunday and I was planning for that. Now that it’s over, it went great by the way we had it at the local Air Museum. Everyone had fun they made paper airplanes toured the museum and had a treasure hunt. It was kind of geared for younger kids though. I think they should have asked the age of the child when I made the reservation so they could make the activities more age appropriate. No one seems to mind though and I believe a good time was had by all.

I’m back to blogging I would have been back yesterday except we have a problem.

Yesterday we had a very large snow storm and it turns out that though it was very unlucky for some (four people died, 300,000 without power) for us it turned out to be rather lucky. Why was lucky for us because we had a snow day and not only did the kids get to stay home but my husband and I got to stay home from work too. And because we got stay home we were there when my dog got sick. He went into his kennel and threw up. We got him out of there and took him to the kitchen and clean him up. Then I spent the next three hours on the floor with him cleaning up and taking care of him. For three hours he threw up. And because he wanted to be next to me while he was not feeling good I spent three hours in the kitchen on the floor with him and that is why the snowstorm was lucky because if we had gone to work and the kids are gone to school the dog would’ve been in his house throwing up for three hours. You could just imagine what a mess that would have been not to mention that he would have been stuck in his house for three hours with all that mess.

Now for my first tip of this month saving money…

If you have cable shut off your premium channels if you can’t live without your premium channel shut off all at one. Let’s face it the movies replay over and over and over again every month at least 17 times and then they move on to the next premium channel and play there over and over and over again. You’re paying extra money to see the same movie over and over and over it would probably be just as easy to go over to the library and check it out, FOR FREE and save yourself the cash. Just think of how much you could save by cutting off the excessive channels that are showing the same stuff over and over.
Here’s an example I got these prices from one of the cable companies website I won’t say which one.
11 HBO Premium Channels
11 Showtime Premium Channels
9 Cinemax Premium Channels
4 TMC Premium Channels
6 Starz and 8 Encore Premium Channels
So if you had all of these channels and you turn them off you would save about $55 not including the taxes.


Felicia said...

What a great idea for a birthday party!!! We will have to keep this in mind for Graham has he gets older!

Mommy Kerrie said...

my husband's a meanie and won't let us have cable at all. we have the ever-exciting converter box!

April said...

It was a lot of fun Felicia and for the amount of kids we had the price was right too :D

April said...

Cable is not all it's cracked up to be Kerrie :D If it wasn't for the fact that my hubby is a compulsive news watcher I would chuck it. Hundreds of channels and nothing worth watching anymore...... Well I would miss BBC America I love Dr. Who ;)