Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Is In The Air

And the plants are growing well. This is the little pot my son has. This shot is from yesterday.

And this one is from today...... How is that for some fast growing.

My peppers are growing a little slower then my sons plants but they are coming along nicely.
Last bit of news My Landlord gave me the ok to dig up this little flower bed in the back yard and put in something else. I'm going to build it up and make it a raised bed to keep the dog out and I will have to figure out which veggies will grow best in the shade of the house. I also want to do a soil test to make sure there is nothing harmful in the soil.
With this space added to the containers I should have a pretty good bumper crop.


meggie said...

Reading about your quest for pots for your plants, I wonder can you get to yard sales or what we refer to as garage sales? I have got wonderful pots for very little cost, & our neighbour makes beautiful little gardens in unwanted Bonsai pots. People are often glad of just a few cents to be rid of unwanted items.
I seemed to do so well with plants in pots in New Zealand, but over here I dont have much luck since we moved up to the Central coast.

Liza said...

Here it's summer and my peppers are now all red. I don't have a garden so I grow them in pots. :D

Moms... Check Nyo

April said...

Hi meggie Yes I'll be looking at yard sales and garage sales as soon as its warm enough for people to have them. Right now it's pretty cold :D

I'm sorry your not having any luck since you moved.... have you thought about trying a green house?

April said...

Cool Liza Are the peppers natural red? or do they green one go red when you leave them on the vine? I've always wondered about red yellow and orange peppers :D

KH Yeo said...

Wow! A passion for plants. The thrill of seeing something growing and thriving with each passing day. It must be fun.

Lover Boy and Girl said...

Hello there,

I remember through this post how great my landlord was. He gave us beautiful pot of plants yesterday for our front yard. Love them!

Have a nice day!

DebbieDana said...

Yes, it's almost spring! I love it! Husband and I are already ready to work on our garden! Peppers are definitely one of the vegetables we'll plant!