Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do a Double Take

Stop those unnecessary purchases by thinking twice. There is a reason they are called impulse buys but if you stop, leave the store and wait at least 30 days you will know for sure if its something you really want or if it was something you were just considering because you were there.
This of course goes back to the stick to your list tip. If you want to write it down for future consideration. This also gives you time if you decide it is something you really need to watch for it to go on sale. Most of the time though you will decide you don't really need it.


Nhil / Simple Married Life said...

That's what we do when we're doing malling. We always consult each other if this is a great 'buy' or no before buying anything. If one says no, then we're not getting it. :)

Frannie said...

I love your blog! I definitely think being thrifty and being green can and should go hand in hand! Great stuff here!