Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy First Day of Spring .......???

Hi all Happy Spring.......... I think............. I woke up this morning to this............

I don't know how well you can see it, but those little white spots on the pictures is snow. (if you click on the pic you can see the snow in an enlarged view) Here I was planning my bumper crop of container garden veggies and we have snow. What a wonderful world this is huh.
OK on with the March Tip Fest: Stop using your credit card and pay with cash. When you see that hard cash leaving your hands it will help you think twice as to whether or not you really want to make that purchase. Along with this is get and save your receipts for every purchase you make (yes even that cup of latte) Then at the end of the week go over your spending and see where you can cut some expenses. And Dont forget to put the money you save into savings not spending.


Toni said...

spring can have some crazy weather all ight, we have had snow storms here in April, I remember doign and easter egg hunt in snow once:-)

Ditto on the credit cards we don;t have them- we do have a debit card,but that is just like cash, so if you don;t have it you can;t use it-.

~~tonya~~ said...

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Hope to see you soon!