Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here is a challenge Try it if your up for it!

This is just a fun and hopefully money saving challenge for everyone to try.

Start by going over your expenses. How much money do you have coming into you house? What do you have to spend(mortgage/rent car loan etc) vs what you don't really need to spend (HBO, Coffee House coffee etc).

Now here is the challenge ..... Starting March 1 .... How much money can you put into your savings account? Cut the fat out of your expenses find ways to earn a little extra and see how much you can stash.

Lets face it saving money is not something we are taught to think of as fun. It is something we are taught "responsible adults" are suppose to do for their future. So now its time to think of it in another way. Engage your inner competitor and accept the challenge. At the end of March how much will you have saved? Can you beat it in April?

The winner will be................. Everyone!!!


amenwolf said...

I've got your package April,

Thank you so much!

April said...

Your welcome I'm glad it got to you safe and sound :D