Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Don't Foget Your Friends

Things are going to be tight all over. Maybe not for everyone but for a lot of people. Prices are going to rise! Friends, neighbors, maybe even yourself will be unemployed. Being prepared for the worst is one way of making sure you get through it with the least amount of stress. With that in mind I made yesterdays post but I didn't say anything about our Friends.

It is a proven fact that pets help reduce the stress in our lives. That being said, you want to make sure that having a pet when things start getting tough isn't another reason to stress out. Stock up on supplies for your buddy. Make sure his or her shots are up to date a healthy pet is alot less stressful. When you are trying to determine how much emergency cash you need don't forget to add in extra for pet care and possible emergency vet visits. Make sure you have plenty of any medication you need for your pet as well. Whether its Flea and tick preventative or just that oatmeal shampoo to help his dry itchy skin. Got a pet that eats live food such as crickets or mealworms consider learning how to "grow" your own pet food.

Take stock of what your Friend needs and being prepared will help insure you have a little more joy during the down times and less stress from worrying how you feed another mouth.


Michelle said...

Great advice. I have two furry friends and it's expensive to take both dogs to the vet. It's important to save the money for that. They need their check ups. Thanks for your get well wishes.

Barry said...

My dog Lindsay agrees. Look after your pet and she will look after you!