Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Husband Was Joking

We were sitting in the living room last night and my Hubby picked up a copy of Fitness I had just received. While looking through it he found an ad for a rather girly looking bicycle. Joking around he commented "Hey honey I found the perfect bike for you." He said this as a joke because I don't do the whole frilly pink girly thing. I'm your basic Jeans and a t-shirt gal. Anyway he flashed me the picture of the Bike Called "Butterfly" by the folks who created it Electrabike.

Ok this is not the best pic but you get the idea. I looked at it and said "Hey that would be perfect for me!" My Hubby shot me a look that said "Who are you and what did you do with my Wife"

Well it would be perfect its got a nice comfy seat and would be great for getting back and forth to work as the weather here warms up. I hate taking our behemoth to work. Its a gas guzzling monster that we got for Camping, Taking the Dogs to the Vet (when we purchased it we had two Large dogs, one has since passed away) and carrying heavy home improvement items from home depot . My hubby takes our little car to work with him. Its the one we use for everything else. Anyway As I was saying Yes this bike would be perfect for me so I don't have to spend my paycheck on gas and we have more to put away for savings. It's why I took a part time job in the first place. Hummmm Maybe I'll get it for my Birthday.


Mom said...

When is that birthday???

Welcome to Entrecard. :-)

April said...
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April said...

Thanks It's all your fault I Joined :D I kept seeing all those cute little cards on your blog :D It's in June :D