Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two More Questions Answered

Mommy Kerrie from the Kerrie Show asked

how can i remember to take my cloth grocery bags when i go shopping???? i have so much junk in my diaper bag and van as it is!

I have a couple of suggestions (on these suggestions I'm going under the assumption that you keep all your bags togther stuffed into one bag.)
#1 Keep them with your shopping list and coupons. By keeping them in the same place it will be hard to forget them when you grab your list.
#2 Stick a note on your front door or dashboard where you will see it before you go shopping. This one is a little messier looking but once you get into the habit of grabbing them before you go you can get rid of the note.
#3 If you take your kids shopping with you assign them to grab the bags before you leave. This ones results will vary from kid to kid but most kids love to help when given the chance. (though remember if they forget them not to get too mad you've forgotten them too LOL )

#4 If all else fails then clean the car and set aside a spot in the car for the bags and return them to that spot as soon as you finish emptying the bags.
If any other readers have any suggestions for this one please post a comment. We could all use some help in how to remember things :D

my2boyz from MY 2 Boyz asked...

I am green..or I try to do you handle cleaning? More importantly killing nasy bathroom germs?
The first thing you should remember is that Most bathrooms are cleaner then most kitchens. (they've done studies ) so unless your bathroom is extra grungy then Good old soap (not antibactierial soap its bad for the environment) and water will kill the germs you are worrying about.

If you need some extra scrubbing power say that ring around the bathtub try taking a lemon and cutting it in half then pour some salt on it and scrub. Salt is a mild abrasive that will clean with out scratching and the lemon will help power off the grime (why do you think its in so many commercial cleaners)

To clean the mirrors try Equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle .

For the toilet try Baking Soda and Vinegar: Sprinkle baking soda into the bowl, then squirt with vinegar and scour with a toilet brush. Cleans and deodorizes.
I hope these help you.


Sarah said...

I have a great solution for remembering to take the grocery bags. I use Chico bags, which bunch up and fit into a small little pouch that is sewn inside the bag. They are small enough that I can fit four in my purse with no problem. I'd be able to fit more, but four is all I ever need. I just keep them in there so I always have them with me. They are about $3 each at Whole Foods.

Barry said...

We've had most success with suggestion #4 for grocery bags. Now we remember 90% of the time.

Mom said...

Thanks for these suggestions.

Stop by today. It's a special day.

Also, if you haven't already seen the post from Jan. 31st, be sure to read it.

my2boyz said...

Thank you for answering my question! Got my prize yesterday...Thank you! When I am eating my zuchini this summer I will think of you! I am having a Toms of Maine giveaway....go check it out! Thanks again! Keeping it green!