Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10th.................Make that 11th Follower

I was waiting to get my tenth follower to hold my next contest and while I was surfing all the cool blogs out there I got my Eleventh.

So in honor of this momentous occasion I hear by start The Crazy Green Contest 2. (The first was in November). Now to enter is easy just post a question in the comments section. That's it It can be any question (keep it clean) about me, going green, how to (if I don't know I guarantee I can find out).

There was going to be 10 prizes Now I'll make it 11. I don't know what they will all be but they will be in keeping with Saving Money and Going Green. So what would you like to know?

OH I ALMOST FORGOT: Contest will end Jan 23 2009 and winners will be picked at random. (I'll drop your name in a hat and let my daughter pick) I will answer every question and include a link to the blog of the asker.


Sherrie said... goes...several questions.

1) What made you decide to go green?
2) What type of lightbulbs are the best if going green? We've tried the ones that are swirly, and you know what...well, some have blown too quickly, so I'm not very impressed. Or -- do you HAVE to buy the name brand?

Okay, think that's it for now! Congrats on your 11th follower. I'm slowly trying to build my reading base, too! :) Thanks for following me!

Jami said...

We have a small recycle center at our dump. And they only accept cardboard, aluminum cans and newspapers. The closest one to accept anything else is 30 min away. So my question is, "How can I better store my tin cans, plastics, and magazines until I take them off?" (We don't own a truck to be able to haul away large trash cans or tubs.) Congrats on your new 12th follower!!!

Mom's Mind said...

What part of living green do you feel has been the most challenging to become accustomed to?

amenwolf said...

I always wanted to grow trees, small mini trees. Roughly 1 or 2 feet in height.

I was wondering... Which trees or plants does the most photosynthesis?

As in, which plant produce the most oxygen?

Any difference to their leaves color? Or sizes of their leaves? Or maybe their shape?


melanie said...

I would also like to know about the light bulbs. We have considered buying the better ones (I don't know what they are called). But they are so expensive. And I don't think they light up the room as well. What do you use? And do you find that they really last longer?

Mommy Kerrie said...

how can i remember to take my cloth grocery bags when i go shopping???? i have so much junk in my diaper bag and van as it is!

Marianna said...

I really want to start my own organic vegetable garden this Spring. Have you grown any of your own vegetables and do you have any recommendations on how to get started? Or where is the best place to order organic vegetable seeds? Thanks!

my2boyz said...

I am green..or I try to do you handle cleaning? More importantly killing nasy bathroom germs?