Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time to Answer Another Question

Melanie from Living with me

I would also like to know about the light bulbs. We have considered buying the better ones (I don't know what they are called). But they are so expensive. And I don't think they light up the room as well. What do you use? And do you find that they really last longer?

Lets start with what I use. I use Compact Fluorescent bulbs in about 90% of my lights. I am renting and this is all I can use because it is not my house so I can't renovate if I want to use something else. I do have a couple of solar lamps that I like to set out to charge during the day and use at night inside (they are meant for using on the patio and such) it adds a nice glow at no extra cost. Most of the time I don't turn on the lights at all Especially during the day. Even on cloudy days I have plenty of light from outside.

LED lights are more energy efficient but not as popular because they are more expensive don't give off as much light and you would have to renovate your home because as far as I know they don't have any that will just screw into your current fixtures like compact fluorescent do.

I also have a couple of lamps that have Incandescents bulbs in them. Yes they waste more energy but they are brighter (and fluorescent give me a headache when I try to read by it) so I use them when I read at night.

My suggestion to anyone looking at Lighting in their home is to use bulbs as needed. If you need a bright steady light for reading or sewing or anything were you need good lighting use a incandescent bulb. For general Lighting where you need to see well use Fluorescent bulbs and where you need light to see around the room use LED lamps (think romantic dinners, watching TV, etc)

Now as for how long they last I can't say about LED's because I haven't had the chance to use them on a regular basis. I have had the same fluorescent bulbs for about 6 years now ( when we move we take them with us and replace the incandescent bulbs that were there when we arrived) so I do think they last longer the incandescent bulbs.


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Thanks for the great info!

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